In life, people will encounter rites—moments of grace that lift one’s consciousness out of the everyday mode. They create and hold something sacred. In relation to this, author Sitara shares The 7 Rites to Achieve Happiness and Spiritual Enlightenment.

All religions, whether they are ancient or new age religions, contain some sort of rites.  People who hold nothing sacred are “lost.”  Rites open the doorway into the internal reality of the universal imagination, where life is unlimited, spirit reigns and anything is possible. The 7 Rites that Sitara introduces will open the door to one’s interior riches, where life pours from a limitless source. Anything can be achieved through the use of this force.

Through this book, you can learn The Seven Rites: 1)The Rite of Association; 2) The Rite of Cleansing; 3)The Rite of Luck; 4)The Rite of Love; 5)The Rite of Relationships; 6) The Rite of Wealth; and 7) The Rite of Pilgrimage. By following The 7 Rites to Achieve Happiness and Spiritual Enlightenment, you can channel the spiritual force you acquire to increase the presence of soul and happiness in this world and become enlightened.

The 7 Rites are not intended to replace the religions of the World, such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or the Worship of Ancestors and Nature Spirits. They will only serve to enhance what you already know, and if you possess a positive mental state when following The 7 Rites, you will achieve a great deal of happiness and will not feel alone in this World.



San Bruno, California, Gustave Lele, Doctor of Laws: "Thank you for sending me a copy of the above-mentioned book for my review. I usually read books dealing with political and legal issues as I am an International lawyer. This book was easy to read, contains Informative information regarding the most Important aspects of life; Association, Cleansing, Luck, Relationships, Wealth, Love, and Pilgrimage. For me, it was like a breath of fresh air away from the analytical reading I am accustomed to do on a daily basis. The pictures were very inspiring and eye-catching, especially the front cover. I intend to purchase this book to give to my clients and friends."

Silver City, North Carolina, USA, Luz wrote: "The book was fun to read.  It contains much wisdom packed in a nutshell.  It is fun and magical as well.  The photographs and illustrations are beautiful!  It is a good reminder of what is real and true in the spiritual and on the earth plane."

Syracuse, New York, USA David wrote: "Received The 7 Rites.  A good book to practice the message on a daily basis.  I might as well learn how to fly! thank you."

Long Beach, California, USA...Tosiko wrote: "The book is beautiful!  The cover is eye-catching.  I will tell all my friends who are looking for love to purchase it.  I love the silky and wavy background cxolor.  I love it!"

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA..Ayako wrote: "I got the book and finished reading it.  It is a beautiful book!  I will surely read time to time and cherish the spiritual message."

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA...Roberta wrote: "I got the book.  It was great!  Not too technical and easy to read.  The photos are fantastic!"